Thursday, 22 December 2016

Caring For Seniors – How To Ensure Their Happiness Despite The Setbacks!

In addition to physical decline and loss of hearing and vision, old age also brings with it plenty of heartbreaks and setbacks. The result is widespread loneliness and isolation in our elders. They have fewer chances of engagement with their younger generation as well as peers of same age.

Elders are increasingly opting to stay in their own homes as they age, and while it is convenient for them and affordable for their families, one of the risks of staying home is lack of social contacts. Family members living close by may also feel at a loss as to how to help. Even with senior home care services, there is still a lack of fun and no connection with peers.

Tips To Help Protect Your Aging Parents

According to the National Institute on Aging, monotony and depression can lead to poor memory. The American Academy of Family Physicians points to idleness as one of the many rationales for the failure to thrive for seniors. Lonely, aging parents are in a helpless position.  Here are a few ways you can help ensure their happiness as an adult child:

  • Maintain Frequent Contact

Increase the frequency of calls, and visit as often as possible. They need more contact, especially if they have recently lost a spouse or another important person and can’t drive themselves any longer. They still need to hear their children, grand children and other family members.

  • Visit In-Person Often

This can be an issue for many. But it is important to visit them regularly, even if your aging parent or grandparent is difficult. Keep it brief, if it isn’t enjoyable for you, but never skip a visit. Your seniors can benefit greatly from a heartfelt hug and your physical presence.

  • Explore Community Resources for Elders

Most urban and suburban areas have community centers with plenty of opportunities to connect with others and make friends. If they enjoy other social events such as concerts, theater, community festivals etc. make sure they get to attend. You can go with your loved one, or arrange transportation for them and their friends.

  • Teach Your Elder to Use Technology

Buy them a nice smartphone with video calling capabilities or at least set up a computer with a camera. They might be apprehensive about using technology at first, but you’ll be surprised to learn that they are usually quick to pick it up if they know they’ll be able to get in touch with friends and family faster. The effort will seriously be worth it!

The Last Word: Consider At-Home Care!

iCarePros is a leading non-medical home care service that offers a wide range of home care solutions. We are honored to provide home care services to many seniors in Texas and surrounding areas.  Let us help you enhance the life of your elders with reliable home health care. Get in touch with us today!


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