Monday, 19 December 2016

How Do I Make Sure That Home-Care Is The Right Choice For My Loved One?

It is completely natural for seniors to want to stay home. It’s a comfortable, cozy and safe space, after all.

However, due to the limitations of their advanced age, it’s not always a good idea to leave them alone at home.

Decide earlier on your senior care options so you can cater to the needs of your parents in a more holistic manner.

Too often, these decisions rushed at the last minute, after a sudden event or emergency. Making adjustments can become even more difficult in such instances. Make sure you have time to decide whether staying at home is the right solution for the elders in your life. And don’t forget to consider all variables involved in the decision making, such as your budget and health care needs of the seniors affected.

Deciding to Stay At Home

It is important that you acknowledge that your home situation is completely unique. Whereas senior care institutions work for others, these might not be a good solution for your parent or grandparent. Here are some of the factors that must be examined thoroughly before you decide to get in-home care.

Let’s weigh in on these, so you can ensure that it is indeed the best choice for you:

  • Location and Accessibility

If you opt for home care for seniors, your home should be easily accessible, safe and located close to public transit. Also clearly communicate with the caretaker if their responsibilities will include taking your seniors to shopping and doctors appointments, etc.

  • Home Accessibility and Maintenance

Assess the home and personal care needs of your elders to see if these include cooking for them. Your home care providers can also provide home cleaning and maintenance services.

  • Availability of Support from Family

Are family and friends living nearby and can they come by occasionally and help take care of your seniors? If the answer is yes, you may only need professional home care help occasionally or to fill out any gaps as the care needs increase.

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If your loved one has a chronic condition, unfortunately chances are that it will only get worse with time.

Make sure that your chosen care providers have the ability and expertise in providing care with health and mobility problems, if the need be.

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