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Assisted Living Facilities vs. At-Home Professional Care

When looking for an appropriate way to look after their loved ones, many people make the mistake of assuming that assisted living facilities and at-home care both offer the same services. That it does not matter which they choose, with either choice they receive the same attention and quality of service.

That is a wrong assumption.

Here at iCarePros, we want our clients to understand what our services would entail. So to give you a full understanding of what home care and assisted living services are, we are detailing the major differences between them for your convenience.

Information Related to Home Care vs. Assisted Living

What is assisted Living?

An assisted living facility offers the most rudimentary service for assistance to senior individuals. These facilities offer smaller rooms and/or studio or one-bedroom apartments so that the residents are encouraged to mingle and become a part of the community while they enjoy the amenities that are offered to them by the facility.

What is Home Care?

Home care is a service provided by a qualified home health professional that comes to the senior’s residence (it may be a nursing home, assisted living or a private residence) and helps them with their daily activities. These professionals offer their services for either a few hours a day or 24/7; the time limit is up to the client’s requirements.

This method of one-on-one assistance helps the senior citizen live their daily life with as much independence as possible in their home.

Assisted Living vs. Home Care - Major Differences


Depending on the state you live in, the condition of the building and the services they provide, the costs of each assisted living facility would vary drastically. Many assisted living facilities have different programs and levels of service so each tier of service may cost more than the one below it. The price would go up as the resident of the facility would require more services.

Home car prices would differ in accordance with the hours spend with the individual, the number of services the caregiver provides and the difficulty level of the patient themselves. If the patient is suffering from dementia and is combative in nature, that case would cost more. If not, home care prices can be fairly affordable.

Services Offered

When you pay for assisted living facilities, you pay for room and board along with meals and one hour of on-on-one care each day. Other than that, you do not receive any nursing care and are allowed to live your life as freely as you want. Now, while this system may seem ideal for some, it’s no surprise that there are many that would find such living conditions unsuitable. In such cases, when the family inevitably does end up paying for 24/7 home care, they end up spending more money.

Reliable home care services, on the other hand, offer various private care services which include dressing, bathing, toileting, feeding, housework, shopping, transportation, and communication assistance, as well as medication reminders. However, they do not perform medical tasks, in the same tone as ALFs. If you need nursing services, you will have to pay an additional charge.

Making Your Decision

Assisted-living facilities and home care are not competitors. Each offers services that would provide the right amount of help for a senior that needs assistance.

If you’re looking to choose iCarePros for your senior loved one, you need to know all the details. We offer dependable care through our full-time caregivers. Find out more by contacting us.

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