Friday, 13 January 2017

Care Needs for the Elderly: How Does Home Care Help

Home healthcare has been established as a preferred solution for increasing life expectancy in our growing elderly population. But what does home care exactly entail?

Aside from the medical attention that our senior population needs, home health care offers complete personal assistance so that our elders are well taken care of. From companionship to making sure that our elder loved one’s well-being is looked after, home health care professionals act as a much needed when family members are not present.

But that’s not all.

To explain in detail how home care can help; iCarePros offers these 6 facts to help you understand the concept.

Benefits of Home Care for the Elderly

1. Affordable Home Care

In comparison to nursing homes, home health care is a much better option in terms of quality and affordability. Home health care provides your elderly loved ones with more personalized attentive care at lesser costs per hour, which works in your favor if you cannot afford to send your elders to a health care home. In addition, home health care does not involve monthly or annual contracts, so you get to utilize the simpler pricing models without stressing over additional rates.

2. Comfort of Home

According to various studies, relocation to a nursing home can increase stress levels for our elder family members, thus pushing them into depression, especially if they are recovering from a medical condition. By allowing our elders to remain in their most comfortable environment while being surrounded by friends and family, we offer them a homier atmosphere in which they can heal quickly and feel loved and cherished.

3. Personalized, One-on-One Care

While nursing homes do offer quality health care, caregivers are able to offer a personalized method of care for your elder loved one. Providing care for an elder is a personal affair. Your loved one will need the right level of attention to ensure that they are not only comfortable but also receiving the necessary health care so they can recover fully.

4. Independence and Confidence

With their caregiver’s help, your loved ones can lead a meaningful life in which they can practice their independence. Although caregivers usually provide services that range from medical assistance to daily chores, they also provide their help by keeping your loved ones engaged with daily activities which they may enjoy.

For many seniors, their home is their castle. And by practicing their independence in their home and familiar surroundings, your loved ones are less restricted, and therefore more comfortable.

5. Peace of Mind

For many people, leaving their elder loved ones in a nursing home can be discomforting, since you aren’t sure whether your seniors will be given the best type of care i.e. the type of care only you can give them. Having an at-home caregiver provides you with the assurance that while you are taking care of all your other responsibilities; a qualified professional will be taking care of your family member.

So you see, having a caregiver for your senior adult provides you with as much assurance and comfort as it would for your loved one.

iCarePros can provide you with all these benefits. Along with providing dependable home care for seniors, we offer comprehensive assistance for disabled, chronically ill and cognitively impaired individuals as well.

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